Stara Cegielnia Gliwice housing estate - the new stage.


A secluded corner of Gliwice, only 5 km from the city centre. Excellent communication with the region, convenient infrastructure and proximity to services.


Two lakes, forest and private recreational areas within easy reach. The location is ideal for those involved in sport,
lovers of walks and magnificent views.


Intimate character and unusual architecture.
We prioritise privacy - only 18 flats in each phase!


Popular sizes (from 46 to 77 m2), great possibilities of space arrangement and unique architecture - the conservatories, mezzanines or lofts in 2nd floor flats.

List of Apartments


A flat, like a house! Ecological and convenient heating, quiet lift, bicycle and trolley room and underground parking with heated driveway.
For children the playground!


Enclosed and fenced estate, private internal road with smartphone-controlled barrier. Security and full monitoringas well as video intercoms in every flat!

Why we ...
  • Robustness

    Workmanship and many years of experience

  • Location

    Attractive housing estate in a quiet neighbourhood of Gliwice

  • Reliability

    Reliable developer in Gliwice

Main Contractor
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Certyfikat Rzetelnosci HS NIERUCHOMOSCI

The company HS Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o of Gliwice, is a commercial law company with Polish roots and capital.
It was created from the transformation of a family company with many years of tradition and extensive experience in the property market.
The company is authorised and licensed in property management and brokerage,
surveying qualifications and provides financial and credit consultancy services.
Personal and technical resources, acquired knowledge and reputation in the local market,
allow us to be judged as a good and reliable business partner.

We are currently looking for interior designers to work with!

If you are interested, please contact us.


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